Alpha-Beta & Retinol


Contents of the set: Holy Land Cosmetics Alpha-Beta & Retinol Prepping Lotion, 125 ml, Holy Land Cosmetics Alpha-Beta & Retinol Day Defense Cream, 50 ml, Holy Land Cosmetics Restoring Cream, 50 ml

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High-quality care for oily, combination and normal skin is to use the Alpha-Beta & Retinol Kit from Holy Land Cosmetics! A preparatory face lotion, daytime protection and revitalizing creams effectively resist early skin aging and care for the condition of the epidermis throughout the day.

Holy Land Cosmetics Alpha-Beta & Retinol Prepping Lotion

– smoothes the microrelief of the epidermis;
– removes impurities, excess sebum and dead particles;
– suitable for the care of all types of skin;
– has a balanced composition;
– green tea extract effectively soothes the skin;
– ascorbic and salicylic acids fight inflammation and acne;
– retinol activates the process of recovery and metabolism;
– has the effect of surface peeling;
– deeply cleanses the skin;
– prepares the epidermis for subsequent care.

Holy Land Cosmetics Alpha-Beta & Retinol Day Defense Cream

– deeply moisturizes and nourishes the epidermis with useful substances;
– stimulates the production of collagen and elastin;
– smoothes wrinkles, fine lines and microrelief;
– suitable for the care of normal, oily and combination skin;
– restores the natural hydrolipid balance;
– protects the skin from aggressive environmental influences and UV rays;
– evens out the tone of the skin;
– soothes redness and inflammation;
– relieves irritation and puffiness;
– refreshes and tones;
– prevents dehydration of the skin.

Holy Land Cosmetics Restoring Cream

– regulates the level of hydration of the epidermis;
– accelerates the regeneration and renewal of the skin;
– brightens age spots and freckles;
– evens out the tone and microrelief of the epidermis;
– has a pronounced antiseptic property;
– narrows the pores;
– dissolves comedones;
– stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin;
– gives the skin elasticity and smoothness;
– nourishes and moisturizes the epidermis;
– tightens and strengthens the skin;
– retinol prevents tissue aging;
– salicylic acid softens the stratum corneum of the epidermis;
– leaves no traces.

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Weight 225 g
Dimensions 21 × 7 × 15 cm