Genosys Eyecell Eye Zone Care

The set includes: Peptide gel patches for the eye area – Genosys Eye Peptide Gel Patch, 98g + Eye Serum with Plant Stem Cells – Genosys Eye Contour Serum 10 Years Back, 10ml + Eye Cream for the Plant Stem Cells – Genosys Eye Contour Cream 10 Years Back, 20g + disc roller

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In order to preserve the youthfulness of the face for a long time and restore the sensitive skin around the eyes, special products are needed that carefully act on these areas. Nothing beats this task better than the Eye Cell Kit from the Korean brand Genosys! The unique kit is enriched with plant stem cells that fight the signs of premature aging, protect the skin from dehydration and preserve its beauty and healthy, well-groomed appearance.

Peptide Eye Patch – Genosys Eye Peptide Gel Patch

– made in the form of crescent masks;
– adhere well to the skin, do not slip;
– instantly eliminate puffiness;
– fight against dark circles and redness;
– relieve signs of fatigue;
– thoroughly fill the epidermis with moisture;
– adapt well to body temperature;
– polymers melt and penetrate into the deep layers of the dermis;
– delicately soothe irritations;
– provide a high-quality lifting effect;
– affect the smoothing of the relief and skin tone.

Plant Stem Cell Eye Serum – Genosys Eye Contour Serum 10 Years Back

– effectively combats the first signs of aging;
– helps to eliminate dark circles and puffiness;
– stimulates the production of collagen and elastin;
– actively fights pigmentation;
– prevents dryness and dehydration;
– provides a powerful antioxidant effect;
– removes side effects after aesthetic correction;
– quickly absorbed without leaving a sticky film;
– good contact with decorative cosmetics;
– made on the basis of natural ingredients.

Plant Stem Cell Eye Cream – Genosys Eye Contour Cream 10 Years Back

– prevents the appearance of bags, dark circles and puffiness;
– qualitatively strengthens the protective barrier of the epidermis;
– normalizes and maintains moisture levels;
– thickens the hydrolipid mantle;
– prevents the appearance of mimic wrinkles, “duck feet”;
– accelerates collagen synthesis;
– actively combats dehydration;
– effectively removes deep lines;
– restores damaged areas of the epidermis;
– promotes active tissue regeneration;
– relaxes muscles well;
– gives the skin smoothness and elasticity.

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Weight 130 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm